Our team of experts will help your organization understand the interoperability of your data-driven systems.

Full Lifecycle Support - Resilient Point can help develop a solution that mitigates risk while optimizing security spending for our clients.

Our services and core capabilities are aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework foundations: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. We use this proven NIST foundation because it provides a standard benchmark for our professionals to use as a starting point. The key to this approach is the idea of “Framework”. The NIST Cyber Security Framework is flexible and easily adapted to any organization or companies needs.


Resilient Point will work with you to understand your organization’s workflow to determine your threat profile. We execute services and solutions geared toward enhancing your organization’s Cyber Security capabilities. Resilient Point aligns an organization’s mission with value assets including Hardware, Software, People (Resources), Intellectual Property, and Business Information (Policies and Procedures).

determine your threat profile

  • During the Identify phase we will work with our clients to provide a conceptual overview of solutions and identify any concerns or specific Cyber Security requirements for the organization.

Solutions for Your needs

  • Using proven NIST standards and industry best practices Resilient Point will establish a robust security environment through Cyber Assessments, Penetration Testing, Cyber Advisory, and deploying a full Cybersecurity Suite.


Develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of critical infrastructure services. The activities in the Protect Function support the ability to limit or contain the impact of a potential Cyber Security event. Our protective measures include Secure Wireless, Critical Infrastructure Management, Cyber and Insider Threat Detection, and Secure Web Browsing.


  • Apply program methodology and structure to conduct oversight and compliance activities. Based on the established program methodology monitoring and oversight, Resilient Point will develop and generate metrics and compliance reports using protective technologies and analyze them for trends.

Real metrics

  • Findings will be presented to our clients along with recommendations for improvement in the level of compliance. Security information management tools will be used to collect and track compliance data and generate the metrics for program compliance performance.

Detect, Respond, Recover

We help our clients respond to security events as they occur (such as network penetration, web application compromise, denial or service attacks), and provide support through research and analyses to provide recommendations on incident handling. Using best practices to provide recommendations on forward-looking Cyber Security solutions.


  • We help our you monitor indicators of compromise including network traffic policies, malware signatures, and web browser rules to alert when a Cyber Security incident occurs.

Respond & Recover

  • Develop and execute plans that provide responsibilities and functions to respond to a detected threat events or incident.

  • Minimize damage, provide subject matter experts who can provide knowledge to key stakeholders and decision makers

  • We can help you reduce recovery time and costs buy having plans and procedures in place before they are needed!